Know About Auto Insurance But No License

Under normal circumstances an insurer would never offer a policy to someone who does not have a driving license. As such, the idea itself might seem like it is a ludicrous one. However, the fact remains that such policies are actually there. You can always buy car insurance without drivers license. As far as the United States of America (USA) is concerned you do need a driver’s license in order to drive around a car legally. However, there are plenty of people in the USA who do drive a car in spite of not having a license at all!

In fact, according to some statistics around 20 per cent of the people who drive a car in the USA do not have a valid license as such. There are also plenty of people in the USA who drive a car in spite of not being insured. In fact, the number is pretty similar to that of drivers without a proper license. It is possible to get car insurance but no license. Coming back to the topic of discussion, auto insurers offer such policies just for the simple reason that the car would be driven around by someone else who has a driver’s license.

The only reason that these people let others drive their car is the fact that they do not have the legal permission to do so. At the same time, insurance is very necessary when it comes to protecting the owner of a car as well as the individual who is driving the vehicle. It also makes sense for the car to be insured just so that people and property affected by the accidents caused by such an unlicensed driver can be properly cared for. This is perhaps the biggest reason as to why one needs to get auto insurance without license.

Quite often when auto insurance policies are sold insurers add points where they make it clear that they would not be responsible to provide coverage in case of accidents caused by the driver. These stipulations are highly preferred by many companies.